Nativity PDA Styleee

This week was Nativity week, Tuesday was my ASD boys show and Wednesday was big sisters show.

For most parents, that first Christmas production is a tear jerking, memory making love fest. For parents of ASD kids, not so much!

Myself and my eldest daughter were there to watch both productions and we chose seats out of view of Ethan because he tends to get more upset if he can see me, I always show myself with a wave and smile so that he knows that I am there but then I sit down out of view because he would only want to be with me- his comfort blanket otherwise.

The people, noise and everything being so out of routine is just too much for my little man.

He had a chair next to his teacher and his special sequin cushion to distract him.

All seemed to be going well at the start, I could see him singing along and doing the moves to the songs, but then he started looking concerned and fiddling in discomfort with his sheep hat and unusual top/ trousers. Then it was time to go on stage 😳, he was reluctantly walked up but was clearly distressed so a TA offered to take him down and he looked relieved to be away from the limelight. Unfortunately he did seem upset afterwards and unable to even enjoy watching his classmates.

The following day was his big sisters turn and the rest of the school sit in to watch the show, but as soon as Ethan came into the hall, he was clearly unhappy. My lil man spent the whole show looking grumpy AF because he really did not want to be there and the only time he looked happy was when a TA gave him the bowl of left over raffle tickets and he enjoyed, opening each ticket and looking at the numbers (numbers are sooooo his thang!)

Luckily big sis didnt notice his disregard for her award winning show and did an amazing job!

That night Ethan fell asleep within moments of his head hitting the pillow which shows me how much it had taken out of him.

The build up and excitement of Christmas is something that children everywhere should experience but when you have a child with high anxiety of any kind, it can make the traditional things we do for them into an anxious invoking disaster

Life with a Pdaer is very much a tightrope walk between calm, excitement, overexcitement and total overload. Sometimes you see it in time and sometimes it comes out of nowhere and you can do nothing to stop the meltdown but as parents we do what we can- when we can, to the best of our abilities and when it goes mammeries up we deal with the fall out as best we can!

It is impossible to get everything right all of the time but as long as we try our best, we are winning for our children and ourselves

Merry Christmas Everyone and just remember that this time next week it will all be over and we can all breathe out loud with a sigh of relief xxxx

Love and laughter to you all

Mumma Birds Boy xx

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