Not Enough Hours In The Day!



Well goodness me its been a while since I have had the time to sit and write a new blog and to be honest I still don’t, but I wouldn’t want anyone to miss me too much 🙂

Life has quite literally taken over lately and I am certainly feeling the strain right now. I have, as per usual taken on far too much at the same time and can feel panic mode seeping into my chaotic little brain.

I work for myself which is pretty stressful in itself but have also been trying to redecorate half of the house because now that the 1st born has moved out we need a bedroom rejig.

Also I am booked in to have the ole lady tubes tied next week so am frantically trying to finish the decorating, room swaps, get all the festive decorations up and make sure I am up to date with all of my work. Add to that the general mayhem of having two little peeps in school doing a million things for the festive season and all the “fun, Festive” trips which I had booked before getting the appointment through and now I am going a little crazy…….. And breathe!

So here is a brief update on Ethan (ASD, PDA, Smooth talker and Superhero- mostly Hulk)

Now as anyone who follows me will be aware, my little man Ethan has been doing incredibly well at school so far. A few wobbles here and there but he has surprised me so much and I could not be prouder!

However, things took a little turn for the worse recently. Ethan’s teacher has mentioned a few times over the past couple of weeks that he has been…. well less compliant I think is the best way to describe the various things mentioned. He has also been regularly wetting the bed at night which had made me think there was something bothering his beautiful mind.

The final straw came last week when I caught sight of his face as he walked out of class and knew instantly that there was a meltdown brewing! He was handed into my care with a quiet comment that the coat had been an issue.

The offending item was immediately removed in the playground and a very uncharitable face pulled in the teachers direction, then after the longest, stroppiest walk home in the history of small children, Ethan entered the house and blew up like a rocket on the 5th of November! He threatened violence, screamed and shouted then cried, sobbed and wailed for over an hour with zero ability to hear or understand anything or anyone and once the storm had passed he was exhausted.

Now it may seem that being made to wear his coat was the cause of this extreme behaviour, but I know better! The darn coat is just the straw that broke the camels back!

So the next day I went and had a little chat with his teacher to see if there may be more to it and of course there was. They had been trying to push him a little, i.e, sit for longer, stay with the group at group times, wear the coat, basically not be in control as much really.

So refraining from smacking my hand on my forehead or rolling my eyes so far back that I swallowed them, I calmly reminded her that :

a) I warned them about the coat issue from the start- he will not wear one and to force the issue is going to cause problems! Now I realise that they are only concerned for his health with this but my boys body runs hotter than a volcano most of the time as he is hyper active and just runs everywhere at full speed. I asked if they could take the coat out at play times where it would be in sight if he did feel cold and chose to wear it or if the ‘one to one’ time he should be receiving could be used partly at those times so that he could stay indoors instead if he was not allowed out without it (although this would seem incredibly unfair)

b) I have no issue with trying to increase his ability to join in or sit or anything else that they think would benefit him in school, but trying to do everything at the same time will overflow his already full cup of anxiety in record time. Pick your battles, give where you can give to allow room for the more important tasks and if its not working- try again another time!

I adore my sons teacher, she is understanding, caring and willing to learn about his disability and is doing a fabulous job. I think this is just one of those times where the strategies were working so well that everyone started to forget to use them!

I suspect that I was listened to on this occasion as his behaviour both in school and at home has now improved again and the bed has been dry since that day!

Long may it continue xx


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