Sequins And Harvest Festival


This morning was our schools Harvest celebration which strangely now involves a cash charity donation rather than a tin of out of date soup or two which is a real shame as I have been saving this bad boy for just such an occasion!

Soup Does anyone really eat this stuff?

Anyway, as with any large gathering that Ethan has to be a part of, it brought a certain amount of anxiety on for the both of us.

I was worried about whether or not he would cope, whether he would join in with the singing and if not, whether he would be able to sit still and quietly rather than disrupt the others.

Ethan’s anxieties were sky high this morning and he got very upset because he didn’t want to do the Harvest assembly, this in turn led to us only just making it on time through the school doors. Ethan then wouldn’t move from his peg to the classroom so I had to ask his teacher to come out and walk him in, which she happily did. Thank goodness that he has made such a bond with her so quickly!

Then something really quite amazing happened!

As his teacher brought him into the room I saw her crouch down and show him something – it was a beautiful reversible, sequin key-ring.

Apparently Ethan had managed to sit through the Harvest rehearsal on a previous day with the aid of a larger version of this to sit on. It had obviously kept his fingers busy and given him something else to concentrate on. Somehow another child in his class had picked up on this and the beautiful little girl (bare in mind this is reception class so they are all 4/5) had brought the key-ring into school especially for Ethan to play with! Not only this, but after speaking to her Mummy I found out that this item was a very recently received gift and she had even said that she didn’t mind if he kept it (we will, of course make sure it is returned).

Well, even writing this now I have a tear in my eye that such empathy, kindness, thoughtfulness and selflessness has been shown to my baby boy by a child of just five years old and at the time I had to run for it before I blubbed and hugged the poor girl, most likely terrifying the life out of her.

So I popped home for a slurp of well needed coffee and toddled back up to school 20 minutes later ( we are lucky to live so close, unlike many of the other parents who had to sit around in their cars waiting) to watch my two shining stars.

Missy T, as usual did an outstanding job with both her singing and speaking and it always makes me so proud to see her confidence shining through.

Ethan looked very uneasy walking in, but thanks to his lovely friend managed to sit mostly still and it was clear that playing with the key-ring definitely helped to focus him.

Reception class all sang ‘Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow’ and then the whole school sang ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ and it was really lovely but Ethan sat on the floor and wouldn’t join in which I found very sad as the scarecrow song and actions has always been one of his favourites and he has been singing the Cauliflower one so beautifully all week at home!

Its not often that I really notice his differences, but in these group situations his avoidance, fidgeting and flapping do stand out to me as being noticeable. Thankfully at this age the other children don’t seem to notice, and if they do, they clearly don’t care and that is just one of the many beautiful things about the innocence of children, they have no prejudice and sometimes like today, they show the world what it really means to be kind!


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