More Sellotape Please! The Tale Of Three Bunnies

We get through a ridiculous amount of Sellotape in this household and this is down to Ethan’s fabulous Autistic imagination!

Ethan comes up with some great ideas and I am usually the production team. But I have to get it right otherwise there’s hell to pay and sometimes trying to understand the vision he has in his mind can be incredibly difficult and time consuming!  Most of his ideas involve his beloved snuggle bunnies as seen below.



White snuggles was the original from birth bunny who went everywhere with him and frequently got lost at nursery, so I decided to invest in a couple of extras just in case he disappeared forever and surprisingly blue snuggles somehow managed to take his place as the most favoured bunny ( I kinda feel sorry for white snuggles because he has been there for him through so much).

Yellow is just an extra in most of the games and seems to definitely be the bottom of the pile for little man.



Ethan currently has a few sayings which are on repeat all day

  1. Mum? then when I ask what he wants he just says ‘I Love You’ (I think he just likes to check that I am there)
  2. You shut up-  which is used towards anyone who is trying to get him to do something that he doesn’t want to or cannot do/ understand
  3. Your a poo poo bum – often follows no1
  4. Can you do me a flavour – when he wants you to do something or get him something

This last one really tickles me because no matter how many times I try to get him to say favour instead of flavour, he just wont!

Well a couple of nights ago as I was trying to turn the lights out for bedtime, the flavour required was to make blue snuggle bunny into a bat with red wings and pointy teeth! After much upset and anger that I wasn’t willing to do it that night, I promised to do it first thing the next morning. So at 7am, after being helpfully reminded by big sis that I had made said promise,  I was dragged out of bed to produce that vampire, bat bunny!

Bat bunny then went on to have some very exciting adventures for the rest of the morning.



Ethan plays very imaginative, loud games with his toys and I can rarely understand what the adventure is, other than that there seems to be a lot of falling and crashing involved lol.

Today yellow snuggle bunny got to join in with the fun ( I suspect this is because the white one is hiding somewhere at the moment!) and needed a chair on top of the remote control car for his adventure, he even needed a seatbelt. Clunk click, every trip and all that.


I do sometimes feel that he is very limited with his play, it really is usually just the bunnies or Duplo bricks and he does seem to play with both in the exact same way. Hopefully as he matures he will find other things that catch his beautiful imagination!


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