….Only one type for weeks on end though!

🎀 Will it be bananas wraps or bread? Nothing else will do instead

Will it be biscuits?

Will it be cheese?

We’ll have to wait and see!

Oh it’s cheese, it’s cheese

If only it was peas, oh peas

Until it causes unease

It will be beige hoorah! 🎢🎧

Its a very common thing for Autistic children to have food related issues and the beige theme seems to be one of the classics!

Dont get me wrong, my little man will eat almost any colour of sweets πŸ™„

And went through a frankfurter faze for a good few months, but his inability to eat anything other than his specific obsession (it literally is an obsession) can be incredibly worrying for me.

I worry hugely about the effects of such a poor diet and for prolonged periods feel that he has eaten nothing of nutritional value at all.

I look back at old Facebook memories where I have jokingly remarked that he has eaten (x) amount of bananas and we have joked that he will have Gout from his cheese consumption but when do I start to actually have genuine concern for his welfare?

His weight has always been good (he is a solid lump!), his height and growth is just fine and he doesnt appear to have any vitamin deficiencies, so why do I stress?

The answer is that I am his Mummy! I should be making sure his diet is as healthy as possible- its all on me!

But eventually I have to give in and realise that with Ethan I need to go with the flow.

1) If he is eating something- its a win

2) If he eats the same thing for weeks in a row- back to No1

3) let him choose or he wont eat a darn thing

4) He wont ‘eat when he’s hungry’ unless its something he has chosen to eat, he would happily go without!

5) Sitting at a dining table is not an option at this time

6) If he refuses to eat, leave it there and walk away unless he specifially needs it away from him, he may well just tuck in on his own terms

7) Cheese is dairy, chicken nuggets are protein, bread is carbs, bananas are fruit! Over the course of 3 months we’ve got it covered

8) Meal times dont always apply- sometimes its better just to wait for him to declare that he is hungry and wants x,y or z

9) No matter how little he eats, it doesn’t ever seem to affect his energy levels πŸ€”

10) Having warm milk from a sippy cup at age 4.5 is just fine if it soothes his anxieties and makes him feel calm

11) He will not drink water so just give him squash/juice

12) Someday he may just surprise me and choose to try something new

Until then I will keep doing what I can to make sure that his little tummy is full and that my baby boy is happy!

It does make me feel sad that he will probably never be able to go for tea to a friend’s house but who knows how things could change in the future

But lets face it, beige will never go out of fashion (because its never been IN fashion so they say!)

If anyone has any tips or hints on food issues please comment!

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