We’re all going on a summer torture trip….


The last time we had a family holiday was two years ago and i distinctly remember myself and Daddy agreeing never to do that again!

Honestly it was the most horrific experience of our lives from the airport wait, aeroplane experience, bus transfer, divey hotel, horrendous food and every meltdown from our then 2 year old at every available opportunity imaginable! He ate nothing, refused every new item of clothing and footwear, had the worst meltdowns of his life at every transition, but worst for us at that time and not having a diagnosis was the whispers and looks of disgust from fellow parents. I honestly cringe even now when i think of those evenings having watched our little man dance his socks off and love every moment of the entertainment (only the first 30 mins) and how we laughed and rejoiced watching him and his sister enjoy themselves, only to then do the walk of shame through the entire hotel guest list desperately hanging on to a kicking, screaming, biting, spitting wild animal when it all became too much for him 😭.

Suffice to say, Daddy was not best pleased to awaken on a snowy winter morning to hear that I in my snowy, winter, wine fuelled depression had booked a fabulous holiday for the summer! πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

But… I am feeling stubbornly confident! I have prepped visual story boards of the airport, security checks, aeroplane etc and shown little man pics of the hotel and grounds! I have covered the airport and plane boredom and anxiety by supplying surprise toys, blind bags and dvd, tablet diversions! I booked a holiday based on having a shorter flight/ transfer times and got the best flight times available. I plan to take as many of his toys, blankets etc as possible, even his toilet seat and step which are ridiculously important! I know he wont eat the food so have packed as many dried goods as possible and even some milkshake powder as his go to comfort is warm milk and we all know that the holiday milk just doesnt taste the same and its very hard to get it warmed so his fave milkshake may just be an acceptable substitute πŸ™ above is a picture of his version of packing only the toys he really wants to take, hahaha

I wish us luck and hope this wont be the last ever holiday as that would be very sad for big sis who already steps back and concedes power for the greater good so much! I hope someday he will realise how much his sister loved him to be so understanding even when she was too young to really understand x


#autismawareness #pda #family #holiday


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