Researching Autism and PDA and feeling lost!

After our little fella had received an ASD diagnosis I felt compelled to learn everything I could so that we could understand him more and finally help him to live a less chaotic life!

Hmmm! Its really not as easy as that as I discovered whilst trawling the internet for information. There are some great informative sites out there but the range of behaviours and ways ASD affects individuals is so vast that there was no ” to do list” that told me how to help my child and as a mother wanting to do something to make my babys life better, that was frustrating!

What was even harder to understand was that this whole ASD diagnosis just didnt seem quite right somehow. Yes we had noticed stimming to a degree and over sensitivity to certain noises ( which is ironic considering he is the noisiest child ever) and sensory issues with shoes and clothes were definitly an issue but he has good eye contact, no problem talking to people and if anything is too friendly with strangers!

For us the main concerns were his hyper activity, inability to control his emotions and the need to control. While I was reading through the National Autistic Society website:

I came across some information on Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and ran to my partner feeling that I had found the best description of our boy!

The PDA society website was very helpful as a child with PDA may respond to very different routines and strategies to other ASD profiles

We have been using some of the strategies for the past six months or so and they have made a difference, not always but life has been in general less of a ticking time bomb since.

We havent as yet sought out a PDA profile diagnosis and it seems that some paediatricians wont give one but it is definitly on my list of things to discuss at his next appointment!

There is so much to learn for all of us, sometimes we get it wrong but sometimes we have a winning day. We just take it an hour at a time because things can change on the flip of a coin here!

#autismawareness #pda



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