Diagnosis Day- Autism, oh ok then!

We were lucky enough to get a morning assessment and thank goodness for that because if Ethan had already been tired things would have gone very differently!

First was a little play in a room where someone watched and made notes, followed by hearing and sight tests, weight and height checks, speech therapist assessment then finally a meeting with the paediatrician. All in all we were there with a hyper, bored 3 year old for 3 loonnnng hours 😬

All the tests were fine even the speech assessment, she agreed he was perhaps a little behind but didn’t feel he needed further appointments, phew!

Ethan was on the floor with the Doctors assistant who attempted to get him to do certain tasks required for the assessment, most of which he either refused to do or would make an excuse not to do. After asking us what seemed like a million questions the Doctor said she was happy to make a diagnosis. We leaned forward in our seats, held our breath and waited… ” I would like to give an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, if you are happy to accept it?”

Well that threw us for sure as not once had we ever thought ASD, not that we knew much about it at that point and tbh are still pretty confused now!

We questioned it and said that we had expected an ADHD diagnosis but apparently they wont diagnose that until around 7 years old.

So we left after 3 gruelling hours with an ASD diagnosis and a handful of leaflets.

Cue Mummy spending every day and evening till the wee small hours googling for all she was worth to research Autism Spectrum Disorder!

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