Paediatric assessment, ADHD? Autism? Bad parenting? Gulp

So continuing on from my previous post….

After several assessment visits from the lovely Sally (early years teacher) she agreed that there was ” something there” and agreed to refer Ethan for an assessment at our local specialist paediatric centre. Sally warned us that they may not accept her referral as they prefer them to be 4 years old and at this point he was 3.5, but with an 18 week waiting time it was worth sending the referral at that time.

The referral was accepted mainly due to the copious amounts of information collated by Sally, ourselves and the outstanding nursery team and we had our appointment just before his fourth birthday!

Tbh we were all pretty agreed that an ADHD diagnosis was the most likely as jees, none of us had seen such a hyper child in our lives (except Sally who has worked in specialist schools and possibly seen it all!)

My next post will be about that day. D-day for us was diagnosis day! And what a blinkin long day that was Zzzzz

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